Our Firm : Sunny Financial Strategies | Schaumburg, IL

Our Firm

As a boutique second generation financial practice, it is our main priority to serve our clients diligently and proactively - and with commitment to their future. Striving to fulfill our mission of making a positive difference, we are proactive in our approach. Our goal is to create generational wealth within the communities we serve.

Complex financial strategies require extensive experience and knowledge. Through Sunny Financial Strategies, you have access to a wide network of top-rated companies and investment experts that we have selected with care and prudence. These resources allow us to craft solutions to best fit your family or individual financial needs, objectives, goals, and style.

We place our client’s best interests above our own when making and implementing recommendations in our investment advisory work. We work with a variety of the nation’s top asset management and insurance companies, and because we are not restricted to one company’s particular set of financial products, our ability to provide you objective and unbiased advice is enhanced.

We work with hardworking middle class and high net worth families, who want to improve and simplify their financial life through our professional guidance and support.

Our ideal clients share many of the following qualities:

  • They care for family, community, and someone, or something other than themselves.
  • They understand that we all have made financial mistakes, have an open mind, and are willing to learn.
  • They are serious about making smart decisions with their money.
  • They are committed to collaborating on a written strategy and implementing it.
  • They are disciplined and committed to following through.
  • They like having the simplest structure and the least number of accounts necessary to achieve the results.
  • They value a professional’s time.
  • They view us as a trusted resource for themselves, their family, friends, colleagues, and co-workers.